Ohh This Country called INDIA is weird….

We are celebrating the 50th 60th Republic Day today. And on this holy auspicious day which is no less than an excuse for over 1.3 Billion 1,300,000,000 People to sleep longer….

A Republic is as the Dictionary suggest is “a state in which the supreme power rests in the body of citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by representatives chosen directly or indirectly by them.” Huuh i wonder how much of that definition is applicable to India….

Anyway to commemorate the historic occasion we the fools have listed the things that make India the great country it is…India…

Apparently the biggest news in on this day that chote nawab Mr Saif Ali Khan has got a Padma Shri….

The free encyclopaedia namely wikipedia says that “Padma Shri (also spelled Padma Shree, Padmashree, Padma Sree and Padma Sri) is an award given by the Government of India generally to Indian citizens to recognize their distinguished contribution in various spheres of activity including the Arts, Education,Industry, Literature, Science, Sports, Medicine, Social Service and public life.

The key word being DISTINGUISHED, its an endless debate to whether he deserved it or not but Miss Item Number Rakhi Sawant deserves JUSTICE… India is a REPUBLIC and all Indian need to be treated equally… She says on her twitter page (which we hope is of her) “Is desh mein Censor Board ka Kaam hai kya?? They can allow 'Kamniey' the whole movie but have problem with the word 'Kaminee' in my song..”

Further more she vows to keep fighting “But main fight karungi... Rules sab ke liye same hone chahiye.. What do you guys say?”

And in one of her replies she says “To kya main acting chor du?? Kal ko kisi ko mera dance acha nahi lagega to kya main dance karna chor du? This is not fair yaar!”

As told by her bio on her twitter page …She is - A simple girl with big dreams..

rakhi1 rakhi2
We just wish Miss Sawant All the very best for her fight againt the gross injustice the India Censor Board has done to her…

Over to some other stuff…. Just read a Headline on the most selling English newspaper of India “No national Language in India: Guj HC.” The Article continues on to say that “Does India have a national language? No, says the Gujarat High Court.”

“…. the court asked whether there was any notification saying Hindi is India's national language, for it's an ``official language'' of this country. No notification ever issued by the government could be produced before the court in this regard. This is because the Constitution has given Hindi the status of the official language and not the national language.”

So we Indians do not have a national language just an official language called Hindi….A very nice observation to be made on the 60th Republic day of the country…
Another issue embroiling the country right now is the topic of Burqa clad women on voter Id card… Which is like the stupidest thing ever… how can anyone on this planet distinguish between Shabana, Zeenat and Zoya… burqa (1)
Come on people grow up…. The Supreme court is correct for a change and these women should pose without their veils unlike these gentlemen..
This country is weird, nonsensical, foolish, stupid and what not but its also the greatest, the loveliest, the sweetest and the most amazing country on Earth..

It has its problems but that's what makes it special.. and we can change the country just like people have since hundreds and hundreds of years.

Never thought i would say the name of a SOHAIL KHAN starrer to end my first post as a fool but



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