India - A nation without women

4 July 1776, 15 August 1947,26 March 1971 and 24 May 1993.
Historic days in the history of mankind. These were the days when countries namely The United States, India, Bangladesh and Eritrea came to be known as FREE…
But there seems to be a slight little misconception to the whole world, as this was just an Indian way of actually fooling the world that it is FREE…
 freedom india

62 Years, 6 Months and 6 days have passed and the illusion is still pretty much intact in the minds of the world.
Yes you/me are FREE, but ask once again is the country FREE. Unfortunately not.


The Image speaks for itself.
RAPE: every 54 minutes. 9733 every year
MOLESTATION: every 26 minutes. 20215 every year
EVE TEASING: every 51 minutes. 10305 every year
DOWRY DEATHS: every 102 minutes. 5153 every year
CRIMINAL OFFENCE: every 7 minutes.  75085 every year

An important note: Notice the line “These are just the reported statistics”. Its not just appalling to see this image, its even more terrifying that the statistics can only be more in reality.

And unfortunately its the fairer sex which seems the not FREE… Yes we are the Future superpower and have the best human brains but also the most cruel country in this whole world.


Matrubhoomi, a film that was released in 2005, examines the impact of female foeticide and female infanticide on the gender balance, and consequently the stability and attitudes of society. Its story seems a little too over the top to most – How can there be no women left in this world. The movie depicts a simple scenario of what might happen if there are no women left in the nation.

One by one every girl child born is fed into boiling milk like dry-fruit toppings, killed ruthlessly and mercilessly. No wonder the village is left with NO absolutely no women. There's chaos everywhere, Men want women like a little boy wants ice-cream. Desperate for any thing to satisfy their as we call in it in Hindi hawas, even cows aren't spared.
And suddenly by god’s grace a woman is found, whats in store for her is nothing less than a living hell.
People learn from mistakes, they say. Unfortunately thats in fantasy.
Rapes, abuses and tortures seem like eating chocolates when compared.
Sold by her father for 5 lakh and 5 COWS, married to five brothers, shared like an apple sliced into 5 parts oops 6 parts, even her father in law wants a piece of her- getting an additional 1 lakh for her father when she writes to him about it. Bound like a Cow, she is raped and raped and tortured. The climax does give justice to her but also brings about the end of every living being in the village except her and her little girl child.
Desperation- Ego- MEN haven’t been depicted more evil ever…
The movie ends and you feel a relief that this is fiction, it just cant be true, there cant be a place in this UNIVERSE which doesn't have women.

However 5 years down the line its still pretty much applicable, India is slowly but steadily turning into – what the movie calls – a NATION WITHOUT WOMEN.

And just when you thought you cant find a single village without women, we come across these photographs.

shagun with her motherbaraat_rajasthan_313 

These are the epic moments in the history of DEVDA a village in Jaisalmer district, where Shagun Kanwar was only the SECOND girl of the village to get married in 120 years. Yes she was the SECOND girl in the last ONE HUNDERD AND TWENTY YEARS. The other being her sister, Jayant Kanwar, who got married in 1998, was the FIRST to be married after 108 YEARS of no girl child marriage in the village.

TERRIFYING HORRIFYING and APPALLING , the very truth in India being free is shattered by these facts. How on earth can anyone kill yes KILL their own child with their own bloody hands. How can all they see is that a GIRL child brings with her the baggage of dowry and a BOY child is their shortcut to becoming rich.
Every country is considered to be a mother land- a female, every LIVING PERSON’S MOTHER is a female, every SISTER in this world is a girl, yet there isn’t any respect and sense of gratitude. 
Yes i know, all i am doing against it is write and all you will do is probably read in awe of the harsh reality, but somewhere something has to be done, and its easier said than done. The least we can do is pledge to RESPECT the women of our nation.

I NOT so PROUD to be an INDIAN ….
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CARBON Emission: Only Credit no Payment

Trading CO2 or TRASH

Kill Bill Vol: 1

(Reviewing Copenhagen Accord)

Even as the lights of the Copenhagen Accord that were lit by the world leaders from the BASIC countries and the last minute entry Barack Obama flickers with no remunerations, we still have no sustainable or substantial news of where it stands and what is going to done with it now that the Kyoto Protocol ends.

Leaving it at a juncture where no signature or exact bindings were imposed what more could be expected rather than a probability that the world leaders might pay heed to what deliverables they had proposed in the summit- then and there just to keep their word.

As the dealings of the markets heat up with the Obama induced bailout money in banks and financial corporations on the either side of the Atlantic what marks is an end to the securitization of home loans but has brought in another kind of attractive financial intermediately to deal with.

The word has gone out and with the takeover of Sempra Energy by J P Morgan in multibillion dollar deal it is all but clearly stated that the world moving into the direction of a climate fiasco and the market is following it too.

The Copenhagen summit began with the small island nation in the Caribbean and the pacific region around Oceania urging to establish a binding norm of reducing global temperatures to the 1.5C levels which was however not accepted however by any of the developed or developing nations. Instead they urged their own choices of norms which they wanted to set for themselves.

The take of the developed countries which included the likes of Germany, USA and France was that they promised to generate enough credit to the nations for emission control but that would not be before 2020. Before 2020 they were hazy about how much money they would be able to generate. Except for the likes of Japan which promised to induce around 100 billion USD by 2012 the rest of the developed world was an outstanding shame.

Obama defended his keep by presenting the financial state of the developed world but left no answer to the simple question what would be the use of an economy if no world existed. But the thing to think about is that the world is heading the same way from where it came from with market planning on the cap and trade agreements.

The same should have been evenly proposed to the developing nations. Even though the accord held them responsible for nothing just their meagre wish to contribute or not to contribute but their indecision to decide on binding contract provided they had every power in their hands was their blow up.

Kill Bill Vol: 2

(Reviewing what they have in MIND)

But the biggest blow up of this economic and climatic system is yet to come up. With the growing trend of economies shifting to cap and trade policy wherein they are going to capitalise the security market on basis of suture carbon emission and the sale of carbon credit the future of derivative trading is booming with probability of another financial bubble.

Even George Soros, the billionaire hedge fund operator, says money managers would find ways to manipulate cap-and-trade markets. “The system can be gamed,” Soros, 79, remarked at a London School of Economics seminar in July. “That's why financial types like me like it -- because there are financial opportunities”

Obama speaks of financial regulations and curbing the investment activities but simultaneously passes the cap and trade bill in the senate. Passing the bill would force everyone to deal with carbon credits ( as a matter of fact it is a necessity to control global warming) but with the development of carbon trading the fund and money generation would be done by nothing other than derivatives.

The banks are preparing to do with carbon credits what they've done before: design and market derivatives contracts that will help client companies hedge their price risk over the long term. They're also ready to sell carbon-related financial products to outside investors.

Recent income of ten billion USD by Laxmi Mittal is but a taste of what all is bound to come.

According to a Bloomberg report: Blythe Masters says banks must be allowed to lead the way if a mandatory carbon-trading system is going to help save the planet at the lowest possible cost. And derivatives related to carbon must be part of the mix, she says. Derivatives are securities whose value is derived from the value of an underlying commodity -- in this case, CO2 and other greenhouse gases...

Who is Blythe Masters?? She is the JP Morgan employee who invented credit default swaps (the thing that brought the end of AIG), and is now heading JPM's carbon trading efforts.

Masters, 40, oversees the New York bank's environmental businesses as the firm's global head of commodities. As a young London banker in the early 1990s, Masters was part of JPMorgan's team developing ideas for transferring risk to third parties. She went on to manage credit risk for JPMorgan's investment bank.

And we think the United States has no clear agenda in the Copenhagen Summit. No bindings but installing the cap and trade policy was an early prediction but let us see what other things also come true!!

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Menace: Dragon on th LOOSE!!!!

The Good the Bad the Ugly

Even as the lights of a desolate ghost town in the American Civil War goes out as the Yankees and the White ‘gores’ rushed on each other neck in the most vicious slaughtering anthem the triumphs however fell in the laps of African Americans who won it over and over in the name of equality, liberty and freedom.

This was one victory for them however past the Atlantic ocean in the new Africa of the new millennium failed policies of the West still eludes people of how spectacularly the black have fallen back in time in contrast with the West.

Something that appeared in the New York Times recently said that- ‘While most of the developing world has managed to reduce poverty, the rate in Sub-Saharan Africa, the world’s most poorest region, has not changed in nearly 25 years. Half of the people in Sub- Saharan Africa were living below the poverty line in 2005, the same as in 1981. That means about 389 million lived under the poverty line in 2005, compared with 200 million in 1981.

The African continent with the exceptions of some countries like South Africa and Egypt fails to stand up to the levels of any developing country and still stands in the line of under developed nations and shudder at the in-conclusive non-conceding and non pragmatic policies of the West that have failed and done nothing other than spreading mass despair amongst the people.

However a striking new recent debatable topic has come up as the media strengthens in the African nations and the Chinese presence in Africa is being felt at every part of the globe that Africa inherently is not poor. There is no region in the world that has faced such obsessed path to degradation and downturn, no region that has faced such disruptive government and mass rioting, there have been no nations that have suffered rather than Africa itself.
Even being master of mineral resources and being the future supplier as the world stands astonished at its wealth, Africa still stands deprived owing to a simple reason. Africa is not poor because of the residue of colonialism or the machinations of large global corporations. Africa is not poor because of poor resource endowments or climate. Africa is not poor due to corporations. Africa is not poor because of poor resource endowments or climate. Africa is poor because of barbaric governments, unruly monarchies and un-stabilised cabinets in most of these countries that have in one way or the other.

These governments since 1961 have done little for the development of the people rather than they have been under the payroll of Western economies for the vested interests of the West and the governmental stability in the African nations had been at a compromise.

A is A: West is West

Even as I trace back the past two decades into the development of the African nations there have not been much change. Whatever little change there have been it can be traced back to some or the other Western policies which have been holding on to the change. Africa recorded a respectable 5.2 percent rate of economic growth in 2007 it was reported 4.3 percent of it was supported by the US.

Now that commodity prices are falling in consequence of a global recession, however, all that growth and more will be undone once things fall in line. Angola, for example, maintained the continent’s fastest rate of economic growth of 20.8 percent in 2007, occasioned by high oil prices. But Angola’s oil bonanza has not helped the poor, has not been invested for future growth, and certainly will not continue, as prices have now fallen below $50 per barrel Angola is going down.

Ghana, too, is an emerging economic success story according to the World Bank, while Uganda has chalked up impressive growth rates averaging 8 percent in recent years. But real successes stories do not come with a bloated bureaucracy headed by ninety cabinet ministers and deputy ministers, as in Ghana. Nor do they come with a budget that is 55 percent dependent on foreign assistance, as in Uganda.

The West has not let the African nations prosper and had held them continuously under it arms. Be it the Cold War or may be oil production the money to the African nations have never been in development of democracy or the people elected government, it has always gone to corrupt monarchs and government officials only to buy their loyalty and to make their stance felt quite literally everywhere.

Bush institutionalised a plan in which he said that African countries would qualify for American aid only if their governmental conditions were secure. Now in order for them to come up he passed another loan to the countries to cope up with corruption. What a mockery of the system. Can you believe it, the Western government helped the African ones through fiscal means only to help them be able to come up to the level for further aid and interesting that level was never achieved.

Who talks about the present??

Traditionally as I had presumed that it is not the country that is poor and helpless rather it is the people that have been placed and forced in bounded slavery due to the rampant corrupt government practices and the not required western influences. During the Cold War, Western aid was mainly about buying political loyalty, not alleviating poverty.

As George Soros has put it, to “serve the interests of the donors first and the needs of the recipients second.” Americans and Westerners should therefore care what happens to Africa because its problems are in no small part the West’s making—no, not the sins of slavery, colonialism and imperialism, but more recently committed sins of selfishness, ignorance and, now we see it revealed on a massive scale, false pride.

The way to begin repairing the Western approach is, first, to quash the feel-good impulse to throw money at a problem. The Africans are not mindless people with whom the much developed nation is playing with. A sound fundamental approach is required if the West actually want the Blacks to come up.

The high inflation in Zimbabwe or maybe the terrorist outfit voicing themselves in Somalia, Horn of Africa and Nigeria and simultaneous military coups here and this is just a taste of what unsettling dispute that is under the process of being unleashed on all the parts of the world.

In any event, the so-called reform process has been stalled through vexatious chicanery, wilful deception and creative acrobatics for decades. Only 16 out of the 54 African countries are democratic, and all but a few of these 16 are frail or manqué. Only eight, after all, have reasonably free and independent media.

Only one or two countries have consistent levels of economic growth sufficient to keep up with population growth. But so what? The answer is just simple the Western countries have been putting in money in the system under no ethical grounds only for their own good. They are doing just for their sake and nothing else.

Inglorious Bustards

Bustard is supposedly chiefly terrestrial game bird capable of powerful swift flight and here in we have a huge bustard wading in and around the Africa in search of its miraculous reserves and no points to guess it is the People’s Republic of China. China has been wading heavily on the African nations.

With in investments in all the major African nations and instalments From Cape Verde to Madagascar, in the smallest settlement or in thumping Lagos and Kinshasa, Chinatowns are popping up, packed with cheap imported goods from China—plastic buckets, shoes, clothes, household wares. And when Chinese investors build roads and bridges in oil-rich countries, while dishing out big loans, the labour is mostly imported. China is everywhere in Africa. It is building roads, making monasteries, building schools constructing governments.

China is the light and the Africa is living in it, but the question still remain how much benefit all is this relationship going to be and how much positive it may turn out compare to the past ones that have soured and have only thrown democracy out of the system more and more. This relation being with a communist more holds much more public speech at a ransom.

The good thing about China can be recapitulated is that its presence cannot be compared to the Wets that has been here. West has for long shied away from plans that may have brought in proper growth and kept itself confined to its own resolutions. However China has been involved in every single infrastructure building and development process and has provided an illustrious example of co existence where it has settled its needs by helping others. China is definitely not there just to cut the cake. It may have in mind getting a large part of it however it is doing a lot for others too.

China's phenomenal economic growth serves as a source of inspiration for much of Africa. It gives the countries renewed hope that they too can start to grow out of poverty and become important players on the global scene.

In February 2010, China launched the China-Africa Economic and Technology Cooperation Committee of the China Economic and Social Council aimed at helping Africa to learn from China's development experiences. Speaking at the launch ceremony in Beijing, Ghana's ambassador to China, Helen Mamle Kofi, said the country's economics provide Africa with an "example to follow in terms of economic, financial, social, technological and cultural integration".

Finally, China is also offering Africa additional ways to approach the linkages between economic growth and governance. Over the last two decades Africa has experimented with multi-party democracy. The assumption was that Western-style democracy was a prerequisite for Africa's economic growth. But the evidence is inconclusive. Democracy fosters growth just as much as growth enables growth. But none of it happens automatically; it takes concerted collective effort.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

However another part of the picture is coming up. China's engagement with Africa should be a boon. Its overall trade with Africa rose from $10.6 billion in 2000 to $75.5 billion in 2008, propelling Africa's growth rate to 5.8% in 2008, its best performance since 1974. China is now Africa's second-largest trading partner after the United States, importing a third of its crude oil from Africa. Further, Africa needs the investment, in particular, to rebuild its decrepit infrastructure.

A November 2009 World Bank Report states: "The poor state of infrastructure in Sub-Saharan Africa—its electricity, water, roads and information and communications technology (ICT)—cuts national economic growth by two percentage points every year and reduces productivity by as much as 40 percent." To close the infrastructure gap, an annual spending of $93 billion would be required.

Thus, Chinese investment in Africa's infrastructure should be most welcome. But China's engagement is increasingly being seen as odious, predatory and brutish. The initial enthusiasm that greeted Chinese investments in Africa has now cooled.

China is now doing what previously the West had tried and failed. China is back to favouring the rampant corrupt governments bribing bureaucrats just to keep its own export and import on the continent stable. What has happened is that it has become second biggest trade partner entity with African countries and has captured the entire internal market. China has paid to capture the entire internal market and now is driving with it.

The claim that China's intentions in Africa are noble is fatuous. Its real intentions are well known: to elbow out all foreign companies and gain access to Africa's resources at cheap prices; canvas for African votes at the UN in its quest for global hegemony; isolate Taiwan ( with the support of the African nations ); and seek new markets for Chinese manufactures as European markets become saturated with Chinese goods.

Also is its quest for African land to dump its surplus population. As a condition for Chinese aid, African states must accept large numbers of Chinese experts and workers as part of their investment packages. Chinese communes are springing up across Africa. In Namibia, the number of Chinese expatriates has reached 40,000, with 100,000 in Zambia and 120,000 in Nigeria.

Reportedly there is something else, China has a secret plan, called the Chongqing Experiment, to resettle 12m of its farmers in Africa and we are not blind enough to see what is happening!!!

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