India - A nation without women

4 July 1776, 15 August 1947,26 March 1971 and 24 May 1993.
Historic days in the history of mankind. These were the days when countries namely The United States, India, Bangladesh and Eritrea came to be known as FREE…
But there seems to be a slight little misconception to the whole world, as this was just an Indian way of actually fooling the world that it is FREE…
 freedom india

62 Years, 6 Months and 6 days have passed and the illusion is still pretty much intact in the minds of the world.
Yes you/me are FREE, but ask once again is the country FREE. Unfortunately not.


The Image speaks for itself.
RAPE: every 54 minutes. 9733 every year
MOLESTATION: every 26 minutes. 20215 every year
EVE TEASING: every 51 minutes. 10305 every year
DOWRY DEATHS: every 102 minutes. 5153 every year
CRIMINAL OFFENCE: every 7 minutes.  75085 every year

An important note: Notice the line “These are just the reported statistics”. Its not just appalling to see this image, its even more terrifying that the statistics can only be more in reality.

And unfortunately its the fairer sex which seems the not FREE… Yes we are the Future superpower and have the best human brains but also the most cruel country in this whole world.


Matrubhoomi, a film that was released in 2005, examines the impact of female foeticide and female infanticide on the gender balance, and consequently the stability and attitudes of society. Its story seems a little too over the top to most – How can there be no women left in this world. The movie depicts a simple scenario of what might happen if there are no women left in the nation.

One by one every girl child born is fed into boiling milk like dry-fruit toppings, killed ruthlessly and mercilessly. No wonder the village is left with NO absolutely no women. There's chaos everywhere, Men want women like a little boy wants ice-cream. Desperate for any thing to satisfy their as we call in it in Hindi hawas, even cows aren't spared.
And suddenly by god’s grace a woman is found, whats in store for her is nothing less than a living hell.
People learn from mistakes, they say. Unfortunately thats in fantasy.
Rapes, abuses and tortures seem like eating chocolates when compared.
Sold by her father for 5 lakh and 5 COWS, married to five brothers, shared like an apple sliced into 5 parts oops 6 parts, even her father in law wants a piece of her- getting an additional 1 lakh for her father when she writes to him about it. Bound like a Cow, she is raped and raped and tortured. The climax does give justice to her but also brings about the end of every living being in the village except her and her little girl child.
Desperation- Ego- MEN haven’t been depicted more evil ever…
The movie ends and you feel a relief that this is fiction, it just cant be true, there cant be a place in this UNIVERSE which doesn't have women.

However 5 years down the line its still pretty much applicable, India is slowly but steadily turning into – what the movie calls – a NATION WITHOUT WOMEN.

And just when you thought you cant find a single village without women, we come across these photographs.

shagun with her motherbaraat_rajasthan_313 

These are the epic moments in the history of DEVDA a village in Jaisalmer district, where Shagun Kanwar was only the SECOND girl of the village to get married in 120 years. Yes she was the SECOND girl in the last ONE HUNDERD AND TWENTY YEARS. The other being her sister, Jayant Kanwar, who got married in 1998, was the FIRST to be married after 108 YEARS of no girl child marriage in the village.

TERRIFYING HORRIFYING and APPALLING , the very truth in India being free is shattered by these facts. How on earth can anyone kill yes KILL their own child with their own bloody hands. How can all they see is that a GIRL child brings with her the baggage of dowry and a BOY child is their shortcut to becoming rich.
Every country is considered to be a mother land- a female, every LIVING PERSON’S MOTHER is a female, every SISTER in this world is a girl, yet there isn’t any respect and sense of gratitude. 
Yes i know, all i am doing against it is write and all you will do is probably read in awe of the harsh reality, but somewhere something has to be done, and its easier said than done. The least we can do is pledge to RESPECT the women of our nation.

I NOT so PROUD to be an INDIAN ….


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