Blinded: World Economy

What more could we have expected from the communist government of the Soviet Union when mass plunder and forsaken suppression of common man led to its final demise in the last decade of the last century and more than ten new capitalist looking economies emerged from its ashes.

The strength and base of communism is all wrong. It is nothing much different from what Adolf Hitler used to practice in Germany. In the Nazi Germany the German people were the slaves of one monarch while in the communist setup they end up being under the state. They end up being the mere pawns wherein their outlook and viewpoints are overlooked and what is given more importance is the supremacy and strength of the state of which they had been forced to be a part of.

Even after the fall of the Warsaw Pact which constituted all the communist powers under a single heading with the division built in Europe their still remains another communist entity that still happens to be a reminder of the days that were.

The Peoples Republic China though not in full colour still enjoys being called a communist nation. Though it portrays itself to be having extraordinary capitalistic regime wherein the right to property has somehow been made available to the people unlike of the communist ideology china still has to suffer a lot due to it.

Simple transformations do not change the in-depth truces on which its regime was built. It is but a widely known fact that china still enjoys the right of financial supremacy due to its command over cheap labour. But the question lies till when?

Till when is it going to let its men be the victim of its own decisions? This is where the biggest flaw of Chinese system comes into the picture- it cannot it just cannot let its men and women earn more for that would disrupt the situational benefit it had been receiving since ages.

Is not it a common knowledge that everything that we look around is Chinese made: let’s not talk about quality but the market has got entwined to this Chinese system of market capture and has become so accustomed to it that any slight variations would be heavily met.

The west on the other hand with their down trodden economies out of the securitisation mishap recently in a meeting of the World Economic Forum discussed just this one topic of how were they going to bring up the value of the Chinese Yuan against the dollar. How were they going to let their home DO i get a taste of the world going unflat?? Or maybe deglobalisation??

Take it from me that it is the only option that the government has found out in this regard.

Well what could the Chinese do anyway? The Chinese market is already heated up with such large liquidity due to continuous stimulus to keep the yuan pegged to dollar at a constant ratio and if the west foils a plan to somehow do things otherwise the whole market might set a lot of tremors here and there.

For one it would destabilise the Chinese export and god knows what would the American eat??

The relations of the Chinese have not been great recently with the American government with its recent decision to the sale of arms to Taiwan of which

China proclaims control of and the Google-Baidu- China mishap however with this recent development the ultimate nails might be drawn into the illustrious collapse of the American Chinese relations.

This relationship is a peremptory requirement for a sustainable growth of the world as the prosperity of the world depends on both their shareholders.

With Chinese help so entwined in the economic scenario, its reach of military arms and control over most of African nations, its reach over cities like Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore and the control over the full South Asian kingdom, its high gold and dollar reserves and the strategic positioning along the Indian and Pakistani subcontinent and the importance of it as a BASIC member in the G-77 and the Copenhagen Accord build up and application its conjugation in activities with America is a palpable requirement.

Therefore leave aside ever difference and look forward how we would build up the economic system. This communist power has still got so much strength to bring everyone around. Interestingly Indian billionaire Vijay Mallaya took up Chinese stance at the Economic Forum meeting siding with China that if west tries to make up exports difficult we would make them difficult to make the imports though.

Not a good start but common man everywhere is after all a common man and every civilisation has its own problem. A common decision can only put an end to this entire pandemonium.

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Untying the Albatross:Emerging Bihar

The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me.

Wise are the words who speak it out;

Wise are the ears who hear it load:

Wise not the ones who distrust....

Some things in lives are usually taken for granted, but wherever and wherever the masks come out, and the path is paved by the heroic grace of purposeful men the utter reality behind every truth is finally relieved and what is laid out: is a barren portrait whom no one can avoid, not distrust only to succumb to blindness, by its magnitude and agglomerated reach.

Same is the state where in the Bihar Chief Minister finds himself today. Nitish Kumar the person in discussion is one of happiest people right now in Bihar. With the state heading for legislative elections soon and the recent reports of the GDP growth outshining many of ‘beyond the reach’ competitors, everyone is gaping - Is this the same Bihar?

Is this the same state wherein the scandals portrayed in movies like Apaharan and Gangajal occurred? Is this the same lands which were named as the land of the demons in the recent past? Is this the same place where two hundred untouchables slit the throat of every high caste they could get their hands on? The state of unrest; the state of distrust; the state of the animal husbandry scandal; the same state where in bandits and scoundrels rape a girl and leave her at her doorstep and go unharmed and the people revert back by acidifying the eyes of the men who deprived the girl of her honour.

Is this the same state- that is the question put up by all!!!

Well the question is just. And yes this same state which deprived the government from any shame. The same state where corruption and misbehaviour went rampant across every section only to deteriorate it even further. It is the same state. The same state that is known not just because of its cultural grandeur owing to the great Gautama Buddha, Mahaveer , Chandragupta Maurya, Chanakya or Gurunanak but right past the ages wherein till recent times it was noted as a significant part of the country.

It looks like the state is looking back in time and building itself again to wherein it was supposed to be.

For long the Biharis have been considered as an albatross tied to the Indian subcontinent, a disdain that nobody has much cared about. The word Bihari itself improvises the dark side of man lightens the people to nothing but distrust and pejorative attitude. But hold on even past the ages of malcontent Bihar has not stood back in sending the maximum number of bureaucrats to the government. Whatever you call them cunning shrewd over populated they have beaten most of them in being the people who drive to country to places and you still consider them ruinous.

Hold on I have another answer to that. If they are the disgrace to the society then let them be filthy and dodgy workers. Bihari migrate from their own homeland to far of places only to end up working in indecent jobs and dodgy workloads and you still disgrace them. They are god damn cleaning your neighbourhood, pulling your rickshaws and making your life easier.

What more do you want? You have Biharis working at your pennies everywhere and still you distrust them.....

You do not see that they have turned away from their own house to bring about a sustainable development in your house and now you want them out of what they are doing as you want your own people to do it.

Try it out and I promise you would meet most illustrious endings. You would not only endanger the complete economic system but also pull out the prime movers of the system. Market is a lot like a food chain. Every consumption is dependant what you consume and what you produce. There is a proper balance and if you try to wipe out a complete genre it is not difficult to examine if the strong Bihari force is wiped out of all the major cities in India how consequential their inexistence would be to the country.

Those people who disgrace these workers must know a causeless action never goes without hitting anything and in most cases boomerangs back.

As even Ayn Rand says you must fear men without cause because they would never let you sustain, be it any government democratic, communist the causeless species of men would drive the world to things that would not be right. They always have a pull to undo what they see being done and usually they end up undoing great things. People who disgrace Biharis are people who have no other purpose to do something better.

And you talk about the state’s depravity and its meagre development behind which every Bihari is climbing now a day’s well talk like this, they went in from a negative sustainable growth to a positive growth and that too comparable to the rates of the states like Gujarat.

You talk about GDP hear it- Bihar has an agriculture based economy that too with meagre facilities that a farmer could imagine. There was a huge flood in the river Kosi in 2008 and the repercussions of the water have still not been over. The tears have not still dried out form the faces of people from hundreds of villages who were dislocated due to it and the government is still fighting it to the mettle. The drought of 2009 had its heat spat even on Punjab wherein every new method of production is utilised and you still want Bihar to compete.

Farmers burnt their paddy fields last year damn it just because they had no water to harness it. Farmers died in numbers and still the state presents itself with a staggering GDP of two digit second best in India and you say – Bihar is a disgrace they can never come forward, it is a hoax a political hoax....

Wake up buddies the curtains have started coming down.

You talk about growth hear it - ask how much growth Laloo Yadav brought in Bihar in the two decades he reared his stomach in Bihar. Ask what greatness he brought by preventing any MNC, BPOs or KPOs in Bihar. I would say he did not do much in those years but made them sustainable and self made.

The Biharis were never given the opportunity to interact to outside world and here they stand self sufficiently built. So well Laloo Yadav did not actually take everything from Bihar, he gave them the wisdom to move on in light of deep hegemony of riot, pandemonium and unruly circumstance, and autocratic anarchy. He gave them the mindset to face blindness in light and dark alike.

He gave them the grace. Laloo brought with himself the age of the low castes and here I contemplate the results. Laloo brought in equality. Laloo gave the untouchable the mind to think- the want to learn the happiness of work. Laloo gave the upper class the age of their demise, the feeling that they are nothing but equal to every other Bihari. I would always speak yes Laloo you brought equality whatever may have been your reasons. That is equality is what is speaking out right now!!!

And the county you gave the bounding to every Bihari to be one and together. India you gave the reason to every Bihari to stand up together and live together.

Yes Biharis works like your slaves, yes Bihari works likes your servants but let the state give them the chance- they will sweep back everything that were showering elsewhere and come back to their dear state which had previously left them with not options but to vacate.

Bal Thackeray: Mumbai is not a dharamsala that anyone comes, spits, leaves. Good God! Is that what Bal Thackeray does in dharamsalas? HaHaHaHa.....

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