Blinded: World Economy

What more could we have expected from the communist government of the Soviet Union when mass plunder and forsaken suppression of common man led to its final demise in the last decade of the last century and more than ten new capitalist looking economies emerged from its ashes.

The strength and base of communism is all wrong. It is nothing much different from what Adolf Hitler used to practice in Germany. In the Nazi Germany the German people were the slaves of one monarch while in the communist setup they end up being under the state. They end up being the mere pawns wherein their outlook and viewpoints are overlooked and what is given more importance is the supremacy and strength of the state of which they had been forced to be a part of.

Even after the fall of the Warsaw Pact which constituted all the communist powers under a single heading with the division built in Europe their still remains another communist entity that still happens to be a reminder of the days that were.

The Peoples Republic China though not in full colour still enjoys being called a communist nation. Though it portrays itself to be having extraordinary capitalistic regime wherein the right to property has somehow been made available to the people unlike of the communist ideology china still has to suffer a lot due to it.

Simple transformations do not change the in-depth truces on which its regime was built. It is but a widely known fact that china still enjoys the right of financial supremacy due to its command over cheap labour. But the question lies till when?

Till when is it going to let its men be the victim of its own decisions? This is where the biggest flaw of Chinese system comes into the picture- it cannot it just cannot let its men and women earn more for that would disrupt the situational benefit it had been receiving since ages.

Is not it a common knowledge that everything that we look around is Chinese made: let’s not talk about quality but the market has got entwined to this Chinese system of market capture and has become so accustomed to it that any slight variations would be heavily met.

The west on the other hand with their down trodden economies out of the securitisation mishap recently in a meeting of the World Economic Forum discussed just this one topic of how were they going to bring up the value of the Chinese Yuan against the dollar. How were they going to let their home DO i get a taste of the world going unflat?? Or maybe deglobalisation??

Take it from me that it is the only option that the government has found out in this regard.

Well what could the Chinese do anyway? The Chinese market is already heated up with such large liquidity due to continuous stimulus to keep the yuan pegged to dollar at a constant ratio and if the west foils a plan to somehow do things otherwise the whole market might set a lot of tremors here and there.

For one it would destabilise the Chinese export and god knows what would the American eat??

The relations of the Chinese have not been great recently with the American government with its recent decision to the sale of arms to Taiwan of which

China proclaims control of and the Google-Baidu- China mishap however with this recent development the ultimate nails might be drawn into the illustrious collapse of the American Chinese relations.

This relationship is a peremptory requirement for a sustainable growth of the world as the prosperity of the world depends on both their shareholders.

With Chinese help so entwined in the economic scenario, its reach of military arms and control over most of African nations, its reach over cities like Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore and the control over the full South Asian kingdom, its high gold and dollar reserves and the strategic positioning along the Indian and Pakistani subcontinent and the importance of it as a BASIC member in the G-77 and the Copenhagen Accord build up and application its conjugation in activities with America is a palpable requirement.

Therefore leave aside ever difference and look forward how we would build up the economic system. This communist power has still got so much strength to bring everyone around. Interestingly Indian billionaire Vijay Mallaya took up Chinese stance at the Economic Forum meeting siding with China that if west tries to make up exports difficult we would make them difficult to make the imports though.

Not a good start but common man everywhere is after all a common man and every civilisation has its own problem. A common decision can only put an end to this entire pandemonium.


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