hungry kya!!!!!! Eat a kookaburra ball.....

Is it in the blood of Pakistani players to be in the limelight for all the wrong things?????

If not then why was Shahid Afridi was caught trying to bite the ball as if he didn't had the breakfast that morning?? Afridi should have been hungry for the runs rather than the red apple on that recent Australian tour which saw his team ruthlessly defeated in all the three formats of the game .The T-20 captain of Pakistan didn't even realize that their were around 15 cameras during the match waiting to catch the glimpse of such an act and caught him doing the offensive. This incredible public display has enough effect to ban Afridi for two matches over the allegations of ball tempering and what to say to him...Yo buddy enjoy!!

What has happened to Pakistan cricketers?? They seem to be beleaguered with all sorts of problems all the time. This incident has added another pin to Pakistani cricketer’s grave image. The alacrity with which Pakistani used to play their cricket seems to be dying out. The team urgently requires a great leader who can bring back harmony and impetuosity in their team.

After Inzamam retired, they have tried different captains like Younis Khan, Mohammed Yousuf,Shoiab Malik, Misbah, Afridi all of them have failed miserable to stabilize the team. They have tried 4-5 opening pair recently, all of them failed. Kamran Akmal who has been the part of the team for very long time was castigated heavily after he dropped 5 catches in a test match against Australia which led to his team's shameful defeat. He is also in the firing line.

Pakistan cricket has become a complete mess. Their middle order is in complete state of pandemonium. Mohammed Yusuf has been in and out of the team due to his ICL issues.

Younis Khan had been blamed for match fixing and was dropped for the crucial series against australia. Misbah was also recently dropped from all three version of the game in New Zealand tour owing to his slow reflexes.

Their bowlers are also feeling the heat after underperforming in recent tours. After taking lots of criticism throughout his career it seems Shoiab Akhtar has taken Rawalpindi Express to go away from cricket as far as possible. He had always been in the limelight for all the bad reason anyone can think about. His ounterpart Mohammed Asif has been suffering from injuries which has left him in acrimony.

The current bunch of Pakistani players looks like any other B grade team.The current team lacks in batting, bowling, FIELDING, SELF DISCIPLINE....etc (list is very long). There was time when pakistan cricket had dominated the world.players like Javed miadad,Saeed anwar, Ijad ahmed, Inzamam, Salim malik, Aamir sohail etc.had earned a lot of fame for their batting display.Their bowlers had creared havoc on every pitch of the world they played. Teams feared the bowlers like Wasim akram, Waqar younis, saqlain mushtaq, Imran khan...etc. .

Last year terrorists attacks on srilankan team had added misery to pakistan cricket. The world now fears to go in their den to play the game. Their fan list has been abated considerably all around the world.The golden era of pakistan cricket has gone.PCB should take some audacious decision and work cordially with the coach and captain to reunite the team and bring back the flavour of cricket for which pakistan was known!!!!
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Reincarnation of the Reich

They are here, they are back. Much have I heard, much have I seen, and nothing has changed, the unchanged face of insanity is ready to relive the carnage, this time far away from its very own place. The Nazi era that Europe had seen post world-war-I must be the most gruesome times of the 20th century for mankind.

The explanation of the Nazis' implacable hatred of the Jew tells about their distorted world view. They considered the Jews a race whose goal was world domination and who, therefore, were an obstruction to their own dominance and so they considered it their necessity to eliminate the Jews, they called it the "Final Solution"

Today, after almost 100 years, thousands of miles away from Germany, another race of men is trying to walk through the same lines. They call themselves the “Marathi Manus”. The Shivasena (a political party in Maharashtra run by some real losers) consider people coming to Mumbai from different parts of the country as their enemies, as a threat to their own interests. And its sibling Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS), which was built by Raj Thackeray who believes that the Sena is now "run by petty clerks", works under the policies that show their cavemen psychology, their methods are much more similar to the methods adopted by the Nazis before their coming into power.

They beat them in railways, they terrorize them in night clubs, call them Pakistanis, they are the same people who murdered Mahatma Gandhi and yes they are the same jobless “moral police”, the Marathi wing of the Saffron Mujahidin. And it is all done in view of improving their Marathi vote bank, the account which they have never been able to improve.

Each and every action of them speaks of their poor yet dangerous state of mind. The Holocaust scenario and the Marathi Manus madness are not all same though. Hitler might be considered as Satan in most parts of the world, and rightly so, his love for Germany though was perfectly implacable. He was a patriot of his own kind, ready to die and take lives for his country.

But his counterpart, Bal Thackeray, is a person of his own kind too, a kind that has nothing to do with interests of the country or the state, a kind who can do anything barefaced shamelessly for mere power, a kind which after living for 90 years still can’t learn that their hypocrisy was never needed. We have absorbed and inhaled so much of anger spewed by these blockheads.

People say that we have to take care of Pakistani and Chinese advancements at our northern frontiers, what we do forget is that an enemy lies within as well. It’s a plague, a new kind of radicalism that is spreading as no one is ready to take control, no one takes it seriously, and everyone waits until something unimaginable happens.

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Ukraine changing sides...

If we leave aside Russia the second largest country in Europe turns out to be Ukraine. Previously past of the Soviet Union and a huge amount of coastline running along the rich Black Sea Ukraine has been part of much recent tussle between the Kremlin and the White House governments. Owing its positioning in the East Europe and centralised locations America has long sought interest in making its inclination towards the West.

Following the growing threats of Russian government on countries like Georgia whose fraternity America seeks to control as part of its game plan to control the reserves in the Black Sea, Ukraine was supposed to be the next biggest crown in its jewels.

Till late 2004 however the Ukrainians government was not so much open to West however with the corrupt practices of the government out in the open and a revolution that took place in 2004-2005 in Ukraine which followed the dethroning of its the then leader and reinstatement of Princess Yulia Tymoshenko as the prime minister, the era began with the inclination of Ukraine with the west.

The revolution came to be known as the orange revolution and Yulia Tymoshenko who came out as the winner ruled.

However with the recent elections that took place Orange revolutionary winner Yulia’s government has come under the clouds and triggered lot of unrest in East Europe and the Caucasus.

Previously under the many government foreign policies of Ukraine there were one in which it was thinking over a decision to join NATO and side up with America with a military bonding even though being strategically in the lap of Russia. Added to that there was another possibility of a pipeline construction that would bypass Russia and connect the reserves of the Black Sea to countries other than Russia.

Ukraine was definitely a giant threat to Russia strategically placed. It shared the life culture with the Russians but the American advance has left no stone unturned to keep it on their side. Recent Russian Georgian war and the problems in countries like Moldova where its division became the foreground of American Russian miniature cold war or the closing around of Armenia as Albania and Turkey went hostile to it due to American intervention has made East Europe the new playground of another kind of Cold War.

The Yulia government however turned out to be a disaster as nothing substantial could come out of the Ukrainian government.

The government had not been effectively able to provide any basic standard to the people rather became heavily popularised due to affinity to the western world and in light of denunciation of ethnic groups by France and Italy by banning minarets and the costly futile Iraq war has raised lot of discomfort in the Ukrainians against America.

Recent elections thus changed the story. For one they have reinstated the Kremlin belief in the Ukrainians and Viktor Yanukovich, the villain of the 2004 orange revolution, with a lead of more than 3% over Yulia Tymoshenko, the prime minister and the princess of the orange drama. He had mustered 49% of the votes against her 45.5% and has won the elections.

The grand victory is going to see lot of geopolitical shift in the regions around the old Soviet countries. This sudden shift from the white house to the Moscow of the Ukrainian people shows how much they needed the change. Most of the people who have voted to bring the Yulia government down were the Easters Russian speaking members who still have faith in Russia as a partner rather than being entwined in a war mongering America.

The elections have been fair and square and showed how much the people share their affinity to the Russian government and how much belief they have on democracy even though having a history of rigid communism.

The end is more or less clear. Similar to Venezuela or Yemen who are turning hostile to America one by one owing to the natural reserves which America has been eying since ages even the Black Sea seems to be lost by it.

Turkey has also turned hostile due to its Muslim population discontent and with the back out of Ukraine much of its coast line may be lost.

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European Union in a FIX

Even as we remember much of what happened in Dubai as the entire stock market crashed and the world market was left lamenting on what has just happened many had speculated this was just the beginning and looks like it is turning out to be....

If the huge bailout of the entire American Economy was not enough, the later funding of the carcass of the Japanese Airlines which still hangs on the string between Delta or American Airlines for bailout support, what we have now next in line is the whole European Union on the verge of mass downturn and bankruptcy.

Well it has become public knowledge for the past few months even after defending their stance on the topic of financial stability that currently the entire European Union in facing a huge downturn and their economies stand on the rocks, and countries like Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and most important of them Italy stands on being a blown up crashed economy.

European Union for the past two decades has been the symbol of financial wisdom and supremacy. With over 500 million citizens, the EU combined generates an estimated 30% share (US$ 18.4 trillion in 2008) of the nominal gross world product and about 22% (US$15.2 trillion in 2008) of the PPP gross world product.

The EU has developed a single market through a standardized system of laws which apply in all member states, ensuring the free movement of people, goods, services, and capital. It maintains common policies on trade, agriculture, fisheries and regional development. Sixteen member states have adopted a common currency, the euro, constituting the Eurozone and making it one of the strongest currencies in the world.

However with the current credit crunch many of the enlightened ones on the EU list are in the path of going bankrupt. Following the giant default in the Dubai when the Dubai world asked to further its payback of the load on about 60 billion dollars timeline by around six months the utter reality behind the situation is coming out.

The entire European regime has been built upon similar credit and much of the money that blew up the system also originated from the taxpayers in the European economies. Seeing this even in the European Union investors are getting worrying remark as the decline in the market is bringing out the hollowness in the system. The Standard & Poor’s has recently cut its credit outlook for Spain to “negative” from “stable,” fanning concerns that sovereign defaults will spread throughout the global economy.

The investors are fleeing away before a re-Dubai can happen. There is an increased fear among investors that the world could see a wave of global credit defaults and maybe it has started showing it ugly face of its beginning.

With the investor money dwindling and no further surging demand the credit system is bound to fall. The deficit with the government and most of the real estate companies stand over evaluated. However, Spain is just one of the region’s troubled economies. Europe’s most vulnerable countries have been nicknamed the “PIGS,” – Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, and Spain. Fitch has even downgraded its outlook on Portugal’s sovereign-credit rating to “negative” from “stable,” as well, citing a deterioration of public finances.

The situation is like the productivity in the system in terms of real growth is zero so there are no way countries like Spain can innovate their way out. The bank cited figures from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that indicate Spain’s housing sector it still 12% overvalued. At its peak, 20% of GDP was accounted for by the housing sector and construction.

The ratings agency in last year March cut Ireland’s triple-A sovereign debt rating by one notch and downgraded Portugal’s rating in January. Greece however has been an interesting case. It has failed to contain its deficit, which this year is expected to total 12.7% of gross domestic product (GDP). The country’s current account deficit rose to nearly 15% of GDP last year, but probably fell below 9% for 2009. Meanwhile, the European Commission (EC) projects Greece’s total government debt will exceed 112% of GDP. In downgrading the nation’s credit, Fitch said government debt was likely to rise to close to 130% of GDP before stabilizing, and that proposed pension reforms, spending cuts and broadening of the tax base would likely not be strong enough to reduce its debt burden.

If we look it from a different perspective that of the European Union the fiscal deficit of Greece which is the most in question due its thin line situation right now is around 250 billion USD which is not big for countries like France and Germany who still have a very sound financial situation but what complicates the problem is that they cannot bail out Greece.

Even if they bailout Greece how answerable they are going to the next country which is going to default. And leave aside Greece it is the grandmaster England too which is under the clouds. The private sector is slowly deserting these economies due to these negative sentiments are building up and the public sector is being overburdened.

Bailout is just not the answer to the situation. There has to be created a sustainable situation such that the countries are able to turn the wheel of financial system. Standing on their debt of huge amount is increasing the public outcry and the government is looking at the people for over taxation. However even if you overtax the public, on the daily items or other similar services how much more can you generate? Already the entire economy is bleeding and making it ever more vulnerable to a complete collapse can diffuse the setup.

The end is that the entire European Union is in a fix. They maintained solidarity in their triumphant days but with the debt burden what is to watch how they would fair on this front. The economies have maintained harmony till now but would throwing them out can be a question? It is a likely doubt as the situations may force an action. The negative sentiments are affecting the Euro as a whole and with no proposal of Greece bailout and their false belief of a Greece sustainability makes the future wary.

The public is in high discount and has constant complaints against the government but who is there to look after them. Who listens to common man these days......?It is the time of the demise of the commoners!!!!

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