hungry kya!!!!!! Eat a kookaburra ball.....

Is it in the blood of Pakistani players to be in the limelight for all the wrong things?????

If not then why was Shahid Afridi was caught trying to bite the ball as if he didn't had the breakfast that morning?? Afridi should have been hungry for the runs rather than the red apple on that recent Australian tour which saw his team ruthlessly defeated in all the three formats of the game .The T-20 captain of Pakistan didn't even realize that their were around 15 cameras during the match waiting to catch the glimpse of such an act and caught him doing the offensive. This incredible public display has enough effect to ban Afridi for two matches over the allegations of ball tempering and what to say to him...Yo buddy enjoy!!

What has happened to Pakistan cricketers?? They seem to be beleaguered with all sorts of problems all the time. This incident has added another pin to Pakistani cricketer’s grave image. The alacrity with which Pakistani used to play their cricket seems to be dying out. The team urgently requires a great leader who can bring back harmony and impetuosity in their team.

After Inzamam retired, they have tried different captains like Younis Khan, Mohammed Yousuf,Shoiab Malik, Misbah, Afridi all of them have failed miserable to stabilize the team. They have tried 4-5 opening pair recently, all of them failed. Kamran Akmal who has been the part of the team for very long time was castigated heavily after he dropped 5 catches in a test match against Australia which led to his team's shameful defeat. He is also in the firing line.

Pakistan cricket has become a complete mess. Their middle order is in complete state of pandemonium. Mohammed Yusuf has been in and out of the team due to his ICL issues.

Younis Khan had been blamed for match fixing and was dropped for the crucial series against australia. Misbah was also recently dropped from all three version of the game in New Zealand tour owing to his slow reflexes.

Their bowlers are also feeling the heat after underperforming in recent tours. After taking lots of criticism throughout his career it seems Shoiab Akhtar has taken Rawalpindi Express to go away from cricket as far as possible. He had always been in the limelight for all the bad reason anyone can think about. His ounterpart Mohammed Asif has been suffering from injuries which has left him in acrimony.

The current bunch of Pakistani players looks like any other B grade team.The current team lacks in batting, bowling, FIELDING, SELF DISCIPLINE....etc (list is very long). There was time when pakistan cricket had dominated the world.players like Javed miadad,Saeed anwar, Ijad ahmed, Inzamam, Salim malik, Aamir sohail etc.had earned a lot of fame for their batting display.Their bowlers had creared havoc on every pitch of the world they played. Teams feared the bowlers like Wasim akram, Waqar younis, saqlain mushtaq, Imran khan...etc. .

Last year terrorists attacks on srilankan team had added misery to pakistan cricket. The world now fears to go in their den to play the game. Their fan list has been abated considerably all around the world.The golden era of pakistan cricket has gone.PCB should take some audacious decision and work cordially with the coach and captain to reunite the team and bring back the flavour of cricket for which pakistan was known!!!!


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