Reincarnation of the Reich

They are here, they are back. Much have I heard, much have I seen, and nothing has changed, the unchanged face of insanity is ready to relive the carnage, this time far away from its very own place. The Nazi era that Europe had seen post world-war-I must be the most gruesome times of the 20th century for mankind.

The explanation of the Nazis' implacable hatred of the Jew tells about their distorted world view. They considered the Jews a race whose goal was world domination and who, therefore, were an obstruction to their own dominance and so they considered it their necessity to eliminate the Jews, they called it the "Final Solution"

Today, after almost 100 years, thousands of miles away from Germany, another race of men is trying to walk through the same lines. They call themselves the “Marathi Manus”. The Shivasena (a political party in Maharashtra run by some real losers) consider people coming to Mumbai from different parts of the country as their enemies, as a threat to their own interests. And its sibling Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS), which was built by Raj Thackeray who believes that the Sena is now "run by petty clerks", works under the policies that show their cavemen psychology, their methods are much more similar to the methods adopted by the Nazis before their coming into power.

They beat them in railways, they terrorize them in night clubs, call them Pakistanis, they are the same people who murdered Mahatma Gandhi and yes they are the same jobless “moral police”, the Marathi wing of the Saffron Mujahidin. And it is all done in view of improving their Marathi vote bank, the account which they have never been able to improve.

Each and every action of them speaks of their poor yet dangerous state of mind. The Holocaust scenario and the Marathi Manus madness are not all same though. Hitler might be considered as Satan in most parts of the world, and rightly so, his love for Germany though was perfectly implacable. He was a patriot of his own kind, ready to die and take lives for his country.

But his counterpart, Bal Thackeray, is a person of his own kind too, a kind that has nothing to do with interests of the country or the state, a kind who can do anything barefaced shamelessly for mere power, a kind which after living for 90 years still can’t learn that their hypocrisy was never needed. We have absorbed and inhaled so much of anger spewed by these blockheads.

People say that we have to take care of Pakistani and Chinese advancements at our northern frontiers, what we do forget is that an enemy lies within as well. It’s a plague, a new kind of radicalism that is spreading as no one is ready to take control, no one takes it seriously, and everyone waits until something unimaginable happens.


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