Australia - Land of Racism??

The Australian image has been blemished by numerous stains of racism in the recent past. The reputation earned by Australia of a popular and responsible tourist destination and an education hot spot has taken a blow due to such repeated abominable incidents or more appropriately accidents.

The racist behavior of few Australian cricketers on the field towards some Indian players had once dominated the critic circle of the commentary world, and had tarnished the reputation of the then No. 1 cricket team in the world.

Though such cricketing incidents have taken a back seat in the present but these racist attacks on the Indians could prove to be the vicissitudes of fate for the global image of the land of kangaroos.

The foreign minister of Australia Mr. Stephen Smith had a mammoth of a task up his sleeves when he was on a long tour to the India and was engaged in the alleviation of the public angst over the racist attack on the Indian students studying in Australia. He has assured to bring the guilty to book. He has pledged whole hearted support to the family of the victims and has repeatedly emphasized the Australian policy of zero tolerance on racism.

If such racial maniacs are let loose then they could hamper the growth of a responsible and profitable relationship between the two countries. The Australian government has got to nip the people responsible for such attacks in the bud before they turn out to prove themselves to be the Frankenstein’s monster.

The strong bond between the two countries has as its supporting pillars – Trust and Responsibility. Few racial maniacs should not put the relationship between the countries in jeopardy. For who knows these maniacs could possibly turnout to be the Gen-next terrorist because after all like terrorists they too derive their roots from the sewer of race, caste and color based differentiation of people. This turn of events could have far reaching consequences on the relationships between the two countries.

Such accidents should not preclude the two nations from holding further talks, because we already have in front our eyes a live example of a political stale mate between two nations one of which, sadly, is our own country. The peace process between India and Pakistan is stuck into stalemate because of India’s persistent demand for Pakistan to take effective actions against the terrorist who are responsible for the Mumbai attacks and Pakistan’s consistent failure to do so. If events turn out to be sore and India had to put similar demands in front of Australia, we could not rule out the possibility of another stalemate.

The two nations have to build up an atmosphere of cultural and technical cooperation and hence to build a stronger and safer world and have to prevent any such iniquitous events from hampering the relationship between them.

All possible measures to curb such incidents are now mandatory to ensure the safety of Indian residents in Australia and hence are mandatory to enhance the positive growth of the region. The Australian foreign minister has take a head start in this direction by involving the Indian Australian businessmen  well settled in Australia to come forward and interact with the suffering Indian community and win them over again by making them trust the Australian government which has provided them always full support and protection.

We expect more such measures by the Australian government to clear itself of the blame it has received from the world community of being not able to ensure the safety of its residents and we should hope for the end of such racial attacks very soon.


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