Trends keep on changing, whether they may be in clothes, accessories or be it hair styles. New and bizarre ones keep on pouring in everyday and night. The ‘tashan’ factor as we call it, which is the source factor on account of all these changes does not hold exception to it. Bikes, cellphones and a little bit of the smoke and booze add up to the factor. Amongst all these hyped prized possessions, there is another one which can’t be set aside when it comes to flaunting your sophisticated life nowadays.

It is a much more refined way of showing of glitterati in the life of individuals which has taken toll in the recent past few years. ‘The Hookah’ also known as ‘shisha’, an age old traditional possession for smoking tobacco, of our forefathers, which started in India and gained popularity in the middle east, travelled to the states and Europe and became a huge hit. The hookahs were fuelled with burnt cow dung cakes or charcoal, which was placed on top of a container having tobacco. The smoke came through the heating of the tobacco which was cooled and filtered by using water at the bottom.

The new age hookahs as used today in the urban scenario do not use tobacco for its filling but there is only the charcoal and the water which turns to being a flavoured one now. Lots of people think that it might be an answer to their tobacco habit, razing the myth, its very well known that ‘the hookah’ produces much more carbon monoxide as is produced by the cigarettes when consumed in equal proportions.

Moreover the hookah parlours provide a secluded place instead for activities like smoking or drinking, sometimes. Placing all things apart loads of hookah parlours are coming up in the city as the novelty of the rich and fun place for the moderates. These hookah parlours at a few places also provide gathering and celebration joints for students.

Being on the safe side, its also a kind of unidentified mean of preserving of our culture , even it be for smoke. This hookah may be fun and adventurous as it seems but trust me it is injurious to health. Whatever may be the reason ,either it be harmful or, well it can’t be useful for us , its one of the ways to represent the youth culture that our country has been preparing to get into for so many years in an authentic and indigenous style.

It’s a manner to show, as far as there own opinions are considered, that how much we’ve evolved culturally in the past 50 years still keeping it completely ‘desi’.


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