Brazil On Elections

Democracy sometimes takes people by surprise how is surpasses its own principles and converts a people led government into a totalitarian anarchy. The power is democracy is seldom heard without the onset and control of corruption, unemployment, nepotism and many similar shortcomings. However the Lula da Lula government in Brazil is a staggering example of a sufficient and a successful democratic government. Eight years hence he is stepping down from his thrown not because the people have chosen so but because there is no clause within the constitution that can help his stay elected any further. With the first week of October gearing up Brazil one of biggest economies, a part of the BRIC goes to polls on 3rd October.

On the table we have a Lula’s Representative Dilma Rousseff contesting and on the stake is the government of Brazil. Brazil has become one of the most talked about nation in the past decade. Apart from being called as part of the most promising economy of the future it was one of the last to have gone in to recession and one of the first to come out. With the recent finding of the coast of Brazil large amount of oil reserves it seems soon the country can become the power house of the world. However recent claims regarding the faulty Macondo British petroleum disaster all eyes are right now pinned how would this country fair in the future.

Till now the prospects of the country has been beautiful. Lula had run an efficient government when the entire economy was plagued with corruption and mal practices. His entire eight year period composed of tightening of the government control over the life of poor individual. He tried to provide them with a standard living and pull them out of the vicious circle of poverty. Today there are more than twenty million people who have emerged making Brazil more of middle class economy. People today have high self esteem, global recognition, strong financial policies, an apt export driven economy and education facilities. But following the change of power people are speculating on what would be the new.

The current sentiments of the people completely lie with Dilma Rousseff who was selected by Lula himself. She was his Secretary of State. There have been many negative reports doing round regarding her association with some influence peddling scams but most of it has not been proved or dismantled over Lula’s credibility. She on the hand faces an interesting term if she will be elected. Lula had controlled much of the poverty that has attracted a lot of foreign investors into the country. As a result today Dilma faces much different challenges than her guardian. There is an outburst of foreign money in Brazil and scope of multi faceted development.

For the start she has to get off Lula’s cover. People today in Brazil relate to her through Lula. Hence it would be important for her to take to create her own image before taking a stand. Apart from that as said corruption is an important part of a democratic economy. Brazil is no different. Lula has devised a number of measures which strengthened the grip of the government on the corruption but in his absence how much liable the measures would be no one knows. With the current trend of the over dependence of Dilma on Lula things may not go correct.

It is not in my saying that Dilma may be inefficient but circumstantially she has to come out with Lula and speak. Recent trend in the foreign policy of Brazil has been quiet complicated. Brazil does not see an eye to the United States on several issues. The seat at Brazil hold a firm government in the Western Hemisphere but its recent support to the Honduras President who was removed with American intervention does not take Brazil to the America’s good books. Added to this Lula was also accused of having a particular dangerous inclination towards Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the Iranian president. It was only a few months back when a cover over a secret meeting was blown off where in the domestic nuclear capability and support of Iran was discussed between Brazil, turkey and Iran. Following the coup in Ecuador there is going to be lot of heated discussion on how would Brazil react. It may not be in the direct league of Chavez but definitely does not believe in American strategies as well.

Thus we come to conclude by asking whether Dilma would fare the situation or not. The recent findings of the oil have been put to an investment of 67 USD with a company called Petrobars. Post the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico the government has decided to take care of most of the activities by their out. Public share were recently released. However with democracy comes corruption. With huge amount of money on stake how would the government be liable to all this is a question the future will tell? Before the election we can only judge by the sentiments. With so much public money, foreign investment and a proposed oil power house of the world involved we need measures and a public opinion that could take the legacy that has been going in Brazil for the past eight years. It worked before, it might work again.


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