The Spirit, The Sulk and The Saviour...

This winter has something different, we can all sense its outlandish attire. People reading this would actually believe me on this one , its not just the chill. Different people have different tastes but certainly winter is not for me. It brings a sense of mental depression with that ugly gloom, wonder how people in UK live with this deadness all through the year. But I am happy for one thing, I dont have to stop playing my beautiful game for this ugly weather. Everyone is not that lucky though. This season every premiership team's medical staff would be doing overtime, clubs in england are feeling the pain as we see the winter take its toll on the players, even the very best of them are not being spared. It seems that this winter transfer window will see more panic trade than any other we have seen for some years. One team which has suffered more than any other this season are the merseyside giants, liverpool. The gloom over anfield is getting darker and darker and no-one knows what is going to come the very next day. The team that was challenging for the title last season is fighting for a champions league spot, yes the same team. To be very clear, I dont believe that Alonso's departure is the right justification for the recent clog the club has faced. the team has not performed upto the level it should have done, as simple as that.
Knocked out of this, knocked out of that, and blah blah blah....everyone knows what has happened to us for past 5 months. But how does that change? Most faithful of liverpool supporters would say that we are in this position because of the yanks. the ever growing debt and the new stadium underway, pressure is huge, and is telling on them. If Gillete and Hicks do not have the money or any plan to pull the club out of this turmoil then they should find some alternative, either a new investment or may be new owners for the sake of the club, One thing that may happen in the coming season is that we might see someone else pulling the strings on the field, if not off the field. It may be not imminent but one thing is for sure, rafa is nearing slowly and slowly towards the exit door. I am not a big fan of the gaffer. But that doesnt matter, he has a big fanbase. Rafa says that we have moved a few steps upwards in these 5 years. Yes, he is a great tactician no doubt in that, but his very own "dont want to lose, dont want to concede" attitude has made that final step almost indomitable, and we are still on the ladder, waiting for our chance. But one thing that you cant deny is that he has made liverpool a great european force once again and its true that he has taken the club some steps closer to the 19th. Once the players cross the white line there’s little more he can do and as far as I’m concerned some of the players have badly let him down, especially Kuyt, our Mr. Duracell, who was being touted as the player of the season last term. No-one can doubt his commitment, his desire to keep fighting, high energy levels and all. but this season has been entirely different for him, completely out of sorts. But you cant blame just one person for these desperate times. Gerrard and Torres, the two stalwarts of this never so desperate liverpool side, have been found either injured or sulking during the games through out this season. you cannot match for what StevieG has done for this club, but i think the time has come for the club to return in favour. This player has been the lifeline of the club for some years but the time has come to let him choose what he wants. Some people still think that the club without Steven Gerrard will not do well. but they do forget the fact that the club is always bigger than the player. He is already thirty and we have to find a replacement for him as soon as possible, we have to get out of our cocoon of emotions and start thinking beyond Steven Gerrard.
We are in a situation, and only we know how to get out of it. Whatever happens the next day, we will have to keep fighting this club represents something more than just football, the undefinable something that we cant possibly explain. it represents a family of people woven together with love, by history, shared grief, shared elation, shared anger. We have no alternative but to fight on till the last minute. May be people think its over, we are finished. No no no...big cant catch the spirit...WE ARE IMMORTAL



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