WHAT A buffoonery - LALIT MODI!!!

The exclusion of Pakistani players from IPL3 has caused a major setback in meliorating the ties between the two countries. The whole blame goes to MODI for plying cabal against Pakistani players. India has always wanted to appease Pakistan. Our media and other societies are trying their level best to improve the relations with them. This decision has caused great acrimony amongst both the countries and has caused pandemonium in the world of cricket.

Pakistan sports minister condemned the decision. This act was done even when the Pakistani players had no problems in acquiring visas. The current situation is that such puerile acts can give a spark to a conflagration in ties of neighbours.

PCB accused Modi for besmirching of Pakistani players. The list of 11 Pakistani players were to be auctioned to the teams but none of them were bided upon. The teams were told not to go for them by asinine M r MODI.

This act will give a bad impression of our nation in the world of sports. Sports should never be mixed with politics. Cricket is considered to be the main tool for propitiating the ties with Pakistan.
I think some action should be taken against Modi. He has also been associated in foiling the career of CRIS CAIRNS by accusing him of match fixing. For him to circulate such a falsehood around the world is outrageous.

Modi did not allow Cairns to participate in IPL3.  Mr Modi's allegation has caused a  predicament for blackcap superstar and might even end his career in acrimony. MODI should think pragmatically before taking any decision.
I think time has come when BCCI should sack Modi and make some astute person the chairman of IPL so  that India’s reputations as a respectable cricketing nation should survive.


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